What Roll does Bacteria Play in my Septic System?

The Role of Bacteria

To understand how bacteria treatments work, you have to understand how your septic system works.

Beyond flushing the toilet and having the tank pumped out periodically, there is a lot going on in the unseen world underground.

Both the tank and drainfield rely on helpful bacteria to process waste. In the tank, these bacteria help digest and continually reduce the volume of solid waste so that pumping isn’t required as often, and in the drainfield, bacteria are actually responsible for decontaminating wastewater making it safe to re-enter the fresh water supply.

When you flush the toilet, wash laundry or simply take a shower, all of the excess water runs into your tank, and whenever you use any sort of chemical that goes down a drain, it ends up in your tank. These chemicals can wipe-out helpful bacteria.

Here are some of the main offenders:

•Bleach and Laundry Detergent

•Toilet Cleaners/De-cloggers

•Anti-Bacterial Soaps for Dish Washing or Bathing

•Paint/Paint Thinner

•Motor Oil


•Chlorine-Treated Pool/Hot Tub Water

•Old Prescription/Over-the-Counter Medication


Crystal Clear Septic Treatments are aimed at replenishing these helpful bacteria to give the system a boost.  When your septic tank’s bacteria numbers are reduced by the use of bleach, anti-bacterial soaps and other chemicals, Crystal Clear Septic’s Treatments can replace and replenish those good bacteria numbers.

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