Denise Monteferante, NY

I needed to write to you on how satisfied I am with your product.  My name is Denise and I live in New York.  I have a septic system and have found that my bathrooms and kitchen developed an odor.  I realized it was coming from my drains.  I researched septic cleansing on line and was confused on how many products there were.  I wanted to go with 3 things, cost, effectiveness and locality.  I called your number andn spoke with Karen.  I was surprised on how knowledgeable she was and  patient with my many questions and your from New City which was a plus.  I decided to buy your product and found the odor gone and my drains are clear.  I also have a home in Florida which I am using your product in as well.  So, once again thank you for a fantastic product.  A very satisfied customer.

Mike Norton, Pleasant Valley, NY

I tried other septic products and they didn’t work.  When the water started pooling on my lawn again, I knew I had to try something else.  When I used Crystal Clear Septic treatment I was amazed at how fast it worked.  In two days all the water was gone.  I finally found a product that actually did what it said it would do.  Thank you Crystal Clear Septic.

Shawn Willis, NJ

I was having trouble with my septic system over the thanksgiving holidays at my vacation home in upstate NY. I had 7 quests staying at my home and i quess

it was an overload on my system. The toilets were very slow moving more then usual and I was afraid they were going to back up. Well to make a long story short I went on online and saw Crystal Clear under a goggle search and ordered your product. Well I just want to thank you for selling such a great septic additive! I immedialty saw results and I even poured the amount you requested down my kitchen drain and it started moving normally again as well as killed the odor I was never able to get rid of before. I have tried other products on the market as well as some from the hardware store but I must say your product is by far the best. Thanks so much!