Crystal Clear Advanced Septic Treatment takes control of septic backups, odors and clogged drains.

Just pour one pack every three months down the toilet, it’s that simple!

Our concentrated formula of advanced enzymes and bacteria travel through your pipes directly to your septic tank breaking down grease, paper and proteins.

Crystal Clear Septic Treatment is safe for all septic systems and along with regular pumping, our advanced formula will keep your septic crystal clear.

Crystal Clear Septic Treatment contains trillions of bacteria and enzymes designed to restore and maintain all failed septic systems.

Crystal Clear Septic Advanced Septic Treatment is an easy to use, concentrated formula that works safely in all tanks and pipes.

Crystal Clear Septic Tank Treatment is specifically designed to restore the natural balance within septic tanks by promoting the efficient and rapid breakdown of solid waste in your septic tank.

  • Quickly increases native microbial population
  • Provides a long-lasting microbial food source and balanced diet
  • Breakdowns buildup in pipes
  • Breakdowns sludge in septic tank
  • Facilitates more thorough degradation of wastes that enter the system
  • Destroys harmful and odor-producing microorganisms
  • Breakdowns buildup in leach field

Your Septic System experiences these benefits:

  • Better flow of water throughout the system
  • Less frequent need to pump the septic tank
  • Elimination of odors
  • Proper leaching of effluent into ground

How Crystal Clear Septic Tank Treatment Works in Your Septic System

Crystal Clear Septic Tank Treatment is a dry powder that is simply flushed down the toilet to relieve septic systems of many of their most irritating and potentially costly problems. Crystal Clear Septic Treatment eliminates nasty odors, relieves slow drainage and system backup, keeps wet spots from forming, puts an end to frequent pump-outs and keeps systems within regulatory specifications.

Crystal Clear Septic Tank Treatment is made up of essential bacteria and enzymes which go to work immediately to break down the solid waste lined in pipes and which cause sludge to accumulate in the tank. The bacteria continues to grow and multiply into healthy, hungry populations that consume even more waste in your septic tank.

These healthy microbial populations are the key to keeping a septic system working properly. True, there are naturally occurring microbes living in any septic system, but they often lack the right balance of nutrients to keep them in peak performance. Crystal Clear Septic Tank Treatment gives your septic tank the added boost of missing elements so they can break down waste more efficiently and reproduce much faster.

Once Crystal Clear Septic Tank Treatment is flushed down the toilet, it flows through the pipes and the septic tank, sticking to greasy buildup all along the way. As microbes move through the system, they find the nutrients and digest them along with the old and new wastes. In this way, microbes are able to break down years’ worth of buildup in the pipes, the tank, and even in the leach field.

Crystal Clear Septic also helps microbes work on the sludge that accumulates on the bottom of the septic tank. As sludge is reduced, water can spend more time in the system, allowing more time for proper degradation. That means that less waste will leave the septic tank and the microbes will have more time to destroy harmful bacteria. The result is a more pure effluent, the way nature intended it to be.

Advantages of Crystal Clear Septic include:

• Stimulates growth of native microbial populations immediately

• Sticks to greasy and oily wastes in pipes and tank

• Takes nutrients to where wastes are worst

• Releases nutrients by time-release action so action continues for a long after input

• Generates consistently larger and healthier microbe population that degrades old and new waste and kills pathogens

• Populates leach field with larger microbe population and degrades buildup



Crystal Clear Advanced Septic Treatment

Easy to Use

 just pour in your toilet and flush

it’s that simple!