Septic Backup – Tips for Dealing with a Clog

Septic Back Up – Tips for Dealing with a Clog

Having a septic back up in your home can really be disgusting; in fact, it’s downright dangerous due to contaminates in the water. If the problem is really out of hand, you’ll need a professional to remedy it, but understanding how it happens can help you to avoid it in the first place.

Septic Back Up, Roots and Other Obstructions

Quite often, tree roots will grow through, brake, and/or obstruct a pipe. There are products that you can use to get rid of them. Some of these products are dangerous to handle, so be careful with them and be sure you get any protective equipment that the container calls for you to use. Products that attack roots in a system back up will frequently wipe out your good bacteria colonies, so you’ll want to use Crystal Clear Septic Treatment to revitalize these bacteria.

Other obstructions sometimes end up causing a backup as well. In these cases, grease poured down the sink while it’s still hot may be causing it. Sanitary napkins or paper towels that were flushed down the toilet might be causing the back up, or it may be emanating from a range of other common causes like these. Whether it’s roots or kitchen grease, mechanical devices are sometimes the most effective tools for getting rid of obstructions.


Sometimes, the fastest way to get a back up taken care of is to have it removed by someone with a drain snake appropriate for the job. These are usually powered devices that have a spinning blade at the end of them as a regular drain snake wouldn’t be powerful enough to break up the clog.

The plumber will usually want to send a camera down the line so that they can find the source of your problem. They’ll then send their auger device down the drain and destroy the blockage. This usually gets things flowing out of the house and back down to the septic tank in short order. They may have to destroy several blockages to get rid of the back up.

Once the blockage is cleared, you can start employing some good maintenance habits to prevent problems in the future by using Crystal Clear Septic Treatment.

Good Maintenance

Using Crystal Clear Septic treatment introduces microbes into the septic tank to keep the level of waste in the tank down. You should also make sure you have your tank pumped on a regular basis. This is one of the best ways to be sure sewage never ends up in the house.

Be sure Not to Flush any of those items that aren’t good for your septic tank because they are most likely guaranteed to cause a problem for you in the future.

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